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Australian investors have long enjoyed interest-only loans from banks enabling investors to buy in to the property market and take advantage of negative gearing arrangements, however these loans often draw higher interest rates – up to 1% higher.

Why not save 1% or more on your interest rate? Instead of paying a high interest rate of 4% or more, switch to a 3.89% investment loan with principal + interest repayments. CLICK on this link to see the outcome of switching today.

Due to market pressures within the lending sector, the Reserve Bank of Australia currently estimates that over the next three years around $300 billion worth of home loans will roll over to principal + interest, meaning higher repayments for borrowers.

As banks increasingly scrutinise borrowers’ finances, banks are making it harder for people to refinance their loans and this could be a problem for you in the short term by limiting your choices. How can you minimise your repayments now?

Now that the Federal Government has limited interest-only loans and banks are making them disadvantageous, it might make sense for you to consider an attractive rate on a principal + interest loan for your investment purposes and thereby reduce your overall repayment on the loan.

At YML Finance we can offer you a principal + interest investment loan at a rate of 3.89% for amounts over $500,000.

How can YML help?

Talk to our YML Finance Team today to see how YML Group can assist you with your investment loans. Contact us on (02) 8383 4400 or by visiting the Contact Us page on our website.

*Rate of 3.89% INVESTMENT LOAN for amounts over $500,000 with principal + interest repayments.