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What is RPA and how does it work? RPA is the use of software robots to process high volume, repeatable tasks that previously required humans to perform.

RPA gives your workplace a virtual worker, one that operates within your company’s computer setup. It converts the repetitive, manual processes in to automated steps, enabling you to save time and money – time and money to spend on value-added resources, analysis and solutions to better service your customers.

Why implement RPA? Industry experts endorse RPA as a value proposition to:

  1. Improve accuracy – reduce human error;
  2. Save time – improve productivity;
  3. Standardise workflow;
  4. Provide consistent delivery of tasks;
  5. Improve compliance;
  6. Save money – reduce costs associated with manual processing.

How to implement RPA for best results? RPA is best implemented using an ‘agile approach’, identifying specific steps within a framework to achieve each task. With your stakeholders’ involvement and your company’s insights, YML Co Sourcing facilitates the development of a bespoke project plan and a framework of tasks is mapped. This approach is refined to interact with your internal computer system.

After deployment, regular monitoring and dedicated support is provided by YML Co Sourcing, so that the benefits of RPA via an ‘agile approach’ can continue to be tangibly experienced by your business and its clients.

How can YML help?

Talk to our YML Co Sourcing Team today to see how YML Group can assist you with RPA delivery. Contact us on (02) 8383 4400 or by visiting the Contact Us page on our website.