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What is RPA and how does it work? RPA is the use of software robots to process high volume and repeatable manual tasks usually performed by people within your organisation.

RPA would provide your fleet management team with a virtual worker, one that operates within your organisation’s computer setup. It would convert repetitive manual processes in to automated steps, enabling you to better manage your fleet.

RPA is utilised within the fleet management industry for practical operations including:

  • Purchasing vehicles;
  • Financing vehicles;
  • Registering vehicles;
  • Ordering and managing fuel cards;
  • Managing toll road processing;
  • Improving fines/infringements processing;
  • Improving insurance claim processing.

How can RPA improve your fleet management? A successful implementation of robotic automation would see improvement in:

  • Accuracy;
  • Compliance;
  • Scalability of fleet;
  • Communication with third parties such as banks/insurers;
  • Productivity – time reduction;
  • Costs reduction.

How do you implement RPA?

YML Co Sourcing can help you prepare a benefit analysis to evaluate your current process, your IT compatibility and costs associated with robotic automation, such as software licensing, prior to commencing with implementation of RPA.

Once these primary factors have been considered, the design process can commence to ensure that only efficient processes are replicated by the robot in the customised software development of your new RPA system.

Upon conclusion of testing and training of users, your organisation will tangibly benefit from a more efficient, more functional and value-adding automated management system of your fleet’s vehicles and their lifecycles on the road. 

To read further about YML Group’s expertise in this area, please see our article “Robotic Process Automation for Fleet Management” in the Australasian Fleet Management Association (AfMA) magazine:

How can YML help?

Talk to our YML Co Sourcing Team today to see how YML Group can assist you with RPA for your fleet. Contact us on (02) 8383 4400 or by visiting the Contact Us page on our website.