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YML Insight February 2015

From your Finance Specialist

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How much can I borrow?

To know how much you can borrow without changing your lifestyle, check how much you can save per week after paying all your bills.
For every $100 savings you can borrow approximately $70,000. Include the rent you are currently paying as a saving as when you move to the new property you will no-longer pay it.
This rough estimation will ensure you do not over-commit. This week's rate starts from 4.6% variable (not honeymoon loan), depending on the loan amount. The fixed rate starts from 4.59%.

From your Trusted Accountant

save tax

How do I save on my tax?

The first step is to choose the right entity structure as this could not only help you save on tax, but also provide flexibility and asset protection.

What can a claim as a deduction?

Donations to registered charities, management fees paid to a financial planner and/ or tax agent, cost of income protection or sickness and accident insurance premiums,
work related expenses including books, magazines, uniform, equipment, parking, tolls, taxis, public transport, etc. If you are maintaining a home office you can claim the cost of electricity,
internet, home phone, mobile etc, depending on how many hours per week you spend working from your home office.

From Your Financial Adviser

financial adviser

Do you have a savings goal, or a plan to reduce your mortgage this year?

Do you and your family know how you spend your after tax money each month? Why not start the year reviewing your household budget and get to understand just exactly where all the money goes.
We suggest, with a glass of wine in hand, spend some time one evening with your spouse reviewing your spending. If you would like we can assist you with our online tool.

From your Business Partner


Why do I need a CFO?

Maintaining books for your business is purely a gathering of information. It is what you do with that information that counts. The CFO is the sounding board for your business and develops the relationships
needed to ensure the confidence of you banks, investors, suppliers and the ATO. The CFO will be your link between the historical results and planning and strategy.
The CFO will partner with you to ensure that you have the accurate and timely information to make informed decisions. If you don't need a full time CFO think about outsourcing options. page...